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Nov 30, 2022

When I was thirteen, I had my first love
There was nobody that compared to my baby, and nobody came between us nor could ever come above
She had me goin' crazy, oh, I was starstruck
She woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks (Woo)*
She made my heart pound, and skip a beat when I see her in the street and
At school on the playground, but I really wanna see her on the weekend
She knows she got me dazing 'cause she was so amazin'
And now my heart is breakin', but I just keep on sayin'

*Starbucks is a coffee company and coffeehouse chain that was founded in 1971. Since its inception, Starbucks has become one of the most successful companies in the world, with a market cap of over $84 billion in 2020. The general public is consuming more coffee than ever, with countless customers going to Starbucks for their drinks.

What Ludacris is really trying to say, though, is that he doesn’t need to rely on the caffeine in coffee to fully wake up in the mornings. Caffeine, common in many drinks including coffee, affects one’s brain in a way that makes the consumer more alert. Thus, coffee is mostly consumed earlier in the day or late at night.